Day of the Dead Education Program, Lawndale Art Center

Through the Day of the Dead Education Program, Lawndale Art Center (LAC)
encourages teachers to educate their students about this important Mexican
event and its related art practices. LAC staff assists teachers in coordinating
activities for their students

There are a variety of ways teachers and students can participate in our events:

  • Your school group’s artwork can be featured in Lawndale’s Mezzanine and Cavnar galleries during the months of October and November.  Please contact Emily Link for more details by calling 713.528.5858 or through email.
  • Introduce your students to the Día de los Muertos tradition by scheduling a tour with the Lawndale staff.
  • Visit our Day of the Dead Teacher’s Resource Page assembled by Carrie Green Markello and updated in 2010 by Christopher Huynh.  This page serves as an excellent resource for students and teachers interested in learning about the history and traditions of this unique holiday.
  • Bring personal items for Lawndale’s community altar.

Sharpstown Middle School Student painting Teacher and student working together

Sharpstown Middle School Students work hard to express their ideas for the exhibition
at Lawndale Art Center, 2003

In Ms. Schmidt’s class students blend ideas and process. Re-conceptualizing the idea of honoring departed family members, the students create mini-altars honoring something or someone that is not currently a part of their life.

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